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Why Consider Windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is a cost effective alternative to an out-right replacement. The repair restores the structural integrity and clarity of the damaged area and is even eco-friendly by keeping glass out of the land-fills. Best of all, some insurance companies will waive your insurance deductible completely, making it no cost to you. Call Proglass today to arrange an appointment.

What is Windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is a process by which a clear structural adhesive resin is injected into a stone chip, crack or other damage on a vehicle’s windshield. The adhesive is then cured with an ultra violet light source restoring strength and clarity to the previously damaged area.

What Kind of Damage can be Repaired?

Stone chips up to the size of a quarter and some longer cracks can be repaired using this process.


Many variables affect the quality of a windshield repair. The age of the damage, ambient air temperature at the time of the repair, even the skill of the repair technician can determine the finished quality of the repair. Best results are obtained when the damage is new and free of road grime, moisture and contamination from other sources, car washes etc…